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Regular Sessions: £5.00 per hour 

Fees are still to be paid in the event of a child's absence, for any reason, as our costs to keep the session open will remain the same.
We require 4 weeks notice to make any changes to the hours required, or to cancel you child's place at Central@RLK.

Fees are to be paid in advance, on the dates specified on your invoice.
Payments can be made online,
bank details can be found at the bottom of your invoice. 
Staff are not permitted to take any payments at the class door.

Should you have any problems with paying the fees, speak to Lisa or Tessa as soon as possible.

CRLK children:  3pm - 4pm/5pm/6pm
RLK children:  3.15pm - 4pm/5pm/6pm

We are able to collect Robert Le Kyng Primary School children from an afterschool club at school at 4.20pm if they wish to do one, please discuss this when booking your place.

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